Winter Heather out and so are the bees

Along with the Rosemary, our Winter heather has started to flower. Today is 14 degrees and although breezy, it is sunny.IMG_2024

Down at the hives after over a week of being cooped up due to the bad weather, there is a fair bit of activity.

All hives have a small cloud of bees hovering outside and a good number returning from foraging trips.

This time of year, any good day is a time for the bees to come out and poo.

They are clean insects and “hold on” whilst in the hive, sometimes for weeks in the Winter, so days like this are good for a “cleansing flight”.

The landing decks and sides of the hives have a number of little yellow streaks where the bees have let go of their poo-bombs.

Meanwhile the more industrious are out there collecting water and a purple pollen from the heather.

Here are a couple of pics just taken this morning. The purple pollen sacs can be seen on the back legs.IMG_2026

All hives looking busy – so far, so good – but Winter is only just begining…