The start of the season was identical to 2015 with great weather and a promise of a stand-out year. Our bees were again working an abundant showing of Winter Heather, Snowdrops and Crocuses followed by the spring Heather and a good long flowering of our Camellia bushes. This year was different in that we had about 2000 Tulips across the lawn which the bees seemed to love – taking a deep purple pollen away in their baskets.

Improving on last year, the temperatures stayed in the high teens which meant that April and May contributed much more nectar to the hives than 2015. Dandelions and Bluebells were important again but were outshone by the stunning showing of Hawthorne.  There were evenings after foraging at the end of May when the hives were humming like air conditioners as the bees worked hard to convert the nectar into honey, filling the apiary with a wonderful Almond scent.

Then came June ..and..the rain….

The month was a miserable one and a great deal of the lovely honey which the  – now strong  – colonies had stored was consumed by the hungry confined bees. We were saved by an early flowering of Bramble this year and as soon as this started a lot of bees worked through some of the drizzly days so hopefully the main crop will come through in the next couple of weeks. I have managed to take a small quantity of Spring crop off and have some left.

It is again a rich golden honey full of pollen. This year the abundant Hawthorne has given it an almond-vanilla overtone, absolutely fab with Greek yoghurt!

If you want more regular updates, especially when the various crops of honey get taken off, please “friend” us on our Facebook page. I will update this page when the main harvest comes in in mid August.




Pembrokeshire Bee Hive

Credit: Ben Walton Films

One evening in June, Ben test flew his new Phantom drone.

The estuary shots were taken when he flew the drone from the top of our apiary here at Goodwood.

Other take off points were Wiston and Newgale.

bees drinking

Bees having a drink from our pond just in front of the hives


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