Spring is just around the corner….I hope

Spring is just around the corner….I hope

Today was the busiest day for the bees for a couple of months as the temperature rose in the afternoon sun.

All of the hives seem to have viable colonies so far – although end of Feb and start of March can be the most trying time, with prolonged cold snaps and little stores remaining.

There was activity from all hives but most had a large cloud of bees buzzing around the entrances.

We still have a thriving bank of winter heather which continues to flower and this is covered in busy bees.

Having planted thousands of bulbs last Autumn I am expecting a good show of crocuses this year.

A few early crocuses are already out – before the snowdrops – and the bees are fighting over them.

The activity today with pollen collection makes me think that the queens have started to lay the Spring brood, so its all looking good so far for the bees, although we still have some time to go.

Here is  a link to the Goodwood Honey Facebook page which shows some slo-mo video of today’s activity